About MaqMoe

In short, the MaqMoe is an Extremely Strategic High Intensity Parkour Interval Race through Nature (if you want it to be).  Participants may customize their raceday by choosing to run 1, 2, or all 3 themed quarter mile courses any where from 1 to 3 times each (maximum 9 total quarter miles). Heats of 10 racers will start every 2 minutes on each 10 meter wide course. The shortest distance from the start to finish line is 400 meters; however, that is also the path of most resistance. Participants may run around natural obstacles like water, thick brush, or even cliffs but that will extend the distance of their run. This is when strategic planning comes into play. You may think that your first run will be your fastest. Not necessarily true! It will probably take until your third run to figure out the fastest path for your ability.


The concept of MaqMoe originated in the early 1990’s as creator John Anderson, played capture the flag with his friends. “The best part of the game, to me, was sprinting through the woods pretending to be Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ movie! Hurdling rocks and dodging tree limbs with the opponent’s flag in hand was the ultimate rush before winning the game.”  


Current obstacle races and mud runs use huge man-made stations that are not practical or even possible for some people. On top of that, running 5 or more miles isn’t possible either for some people or it’s just plain boring after a while. With MaqMoe, the courses are all naturally occurring and only last 400 meters each. Beginners can jog around difficult nature-made obstacles and advanced runners can sprint right over them. It is literally a “Build Your Own Adventure Run.”


Please give this new concept a try on May 14, 2016 on the grounds of Alto-Reste Park in Altoona. This land is a private family owned property shared with “Pennsylvania’s Most Beautiful Burial Estate” and includes 10 breath-taking gardens open for the public to walk year round. You don’t want to miss the view from the top!


Contact us by email info@maqmoe.com or by phone 814.931.6344

John at a fun but way too long and dangerous mud race.
So, he starts making his own natural agility runs.